Contraband Certification

DLEcertification Contraband Detection Certification is a two (2) part certification designed to determine the proficiency and reliability of the dog team in the detection of contraband. The first part of the certification is the Odor Recognition Test. This test is designed to evaluate the canines’ ability to recognize the target odor and respond to the target odor and must be passed prior to moving onto the second part of the certification; the Practical Test. The Practical test will test the handler’s ability to recognize the canine’s response or non-responses in the search areas. The basic narcotics odors that can be tested on are marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. The basic contraband odors that can be tested on are alcoholic beverages, medication, gunpowder products, etc. as defined by the handler. The general rules for testing contraband detection dogs will be as follows: