Police Service Dog Certification

1. To obtain a “Police Service Dog" certification, the police canine team must pass all phases.

2. Certification must be completed in full within 24 hours from the start of testing or it will be considered a canine team failure. If certification is being conducted during a seminar, it must be completed in full by the final day of the seminar or certification will be considered a canine team failure.

3. Failure to perform and/or pass all phases will result in canine team not being recognized as certified by DLEcertification.

4. All rulings by the Master Trainer / Certifying Official are final.

5. The testing will be conducted in no set order during a one-day test.

6. The exceptions to the one-day test rule are when testing is conducted during a DLE national; state workshop or canine teams limited times due to commitment to work.

7. A break between tests is acceptable.

8. The test requirements will be explained prior to starting the certification.

9. The team must pass each phase on the first attempt and will be tested at random in the following areas:

a. Obedience / Temperament Test

b. Article Search

c. Tracking

d. Building Search

e. Apprehension / Control Test