This certification is for the single purpose, tracking only dogs. This certification is not to be used for canines who are trained in bite apprehension. To obtain a “Tracking Dog" certification; the police canine team must test in five (5) mandatory areas:

a. Temperament Test

b. Vegetative Tracking

c. Hard Surface Tracking

d. Combination Track

e. Evidence Recovery / Article Search

1. The testing will be conducted during a one-day test.

2. The exceptions to the one-day test rule are when testing is conducted during a DLE national; state workshop or canine teams limited times due to a commitment to work.

3. A break between tests is acceptable.

4. Temperament Test must be successfully passed prior to proceeding with Tracking Test.

5. For Tracking, Article Search on the Track, will be added to certification.

6. All tests given to the canine team will be on a pass/fail basis.

7. All rulings by the Master Trainer / Certifying Official are final.

8. The Master Trainer / Certifying Official will determine if the team will be certified upon the completion of the test.